Discussion language and worldview class

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Discussion language and worldview class

  1. What is one example of a speech community that you can think of?  Post below, and in a small paragraph, explain how your example matches the definitions  that you read and watched before reaching this discussion board. Make sure you describe what the characteristics of this speech community are, and what their language beliefs or language ideology are. 

One extra thing: members of a speech community monitor and enforce the rules and beliefs that they share about language. When people negotiate, shame, or redirect the way other people speak, it is usually a good sign that these individuals belong to two different speech communities. Have you ever come across people commenting on the way you speak, your word choice, …? That is often a “symptom” of differing language ideologies clashing (if you’ve spent one hour on Reddit, you have probably experienced it!)

  • post a written description of your iceberg in the thread below. Organize your answer in two categories: below the waterline/invisible culture, and above the waterline/visible culture) design your own iceberg  for a culture of your choice.  Be aware that it doesn’t have to be an international culture: you can pick a subculture, or a minority culture within the U.S., or within the country/nation you are most familiar with. 

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