an ethical dilemma

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In a written reflection – using the NASW Code of Ethics and the two articles by Mattison (2003) and Reamer (2012) as guides – submitted to your instructor, discuss the following:
Part 1: Identify an ethical dilemma you have experienced/observed in your field placement. Using the steps listed in Reamer’s article (and copied below), discuss your decision-making process (you may use these prompts as headings in your written assignment):
(1) identify the key ethical issues, including the values and duties that conflict;
(2) identify individuals, groups, and organizations who are likely to be affected by the decision;
(3) tentatively identify all possible courses of action and the participants involved in each, along with the possible benefits and risks for each;
(4) thoroughly examine the reasons in favor of and opposed to each possible course of action, considering relevant ethical theories and principles, codes of ethics, legal principles, social work practice theory and principles, and personal values;
(5) consult with colleagues and appropriate experts, such as field instructors, agency administrators, ethics experts, and attorneys;
(6) make the decision and document the decision-making process; and
(7) monitor, evaluate, and document the decision. Many field instructors include application of such ethical decision-making protocols in the field placement learning contract (Barsky, 2009; Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2009; Reamer, 2006a,b).
If you are unable to identify a dilemma/conflict that you have experienced, ask your MSW Field Instructor and/or Site Supervisor to provide you with a case example for this assignment.
Part 2: Provide a brief reflection of this decision-making process. Do you feel as though you were prepared to engage in this process? Were there components of this process that were uncomfortable for you? If so, explore why.

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