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Description of the Assessment
You are required to collect the secondary data from a real-life company which has internationalized (operated in more than two countries), and answer the following questions:

1. Why do you think this company is internationalized, please provide evidence to support your argument.
2. Please focus on one of the areas, such as, cultural difference management, CSR, entry mode choices, balancing the tension between globalization and
localization, to illustrate the chosen company’s international strategy, based on theories learned from this module.
3. Would you suggest to the CEO of the chosen company to improve in their international strategies, where, why, and how to improve?
Paper Commentsit is required to pick any company of your choice that has internationalised within last 4-5 years. There are three questions that i wrote in ‘Paper Details’ section which needs to be answered in the course work. the comparison should be made only between Parent company and one of its subsidiary. For instance, If McDonald is picked for this course work, then the mentioned questions should be answered only for the two countries, not all the branches of McDonalds globally.
In second question, it is required to focus only on one area, that could be either Entry mode or CSR or anyother.
The third question should be answered with relevance of the first two answers.

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