How Combats Cheating

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Any founder will tell you that when you build a start up, there are many roadblocks along the way. For Studypool, like others in the education space, a big challenge is combating cheating.

Our intention is to facilitate the learning process and democratize tutoring. That’s why we created Microtutoring. We know that when students are stuck on something, they need help in the moment. Students are always on a deadline and can’t just put off an assignment or studying for a test to wait for their next session with a tutor, if they even have a tutor.

In fact, a study we conducted shows that over 30% of college students use tutors regularly but are restricted to weekly sessions. A staggering 72% of those who don’t use tutors say it’s because they haven’t found the right person to help them or because it’s too expense.

This is where Microtutoring comes in. With Microtutoring, students can get the help they need right away and continue their learning process. Plus, they don’t need to commit to exuberantly high recurring fees to secure time with a coveted tutor. What we’ve discovered is that our users turn to Studypool in situations when they have no one else to help them. And more often then not, they find the help they need quickly so they can keep learning.

Although a large majority of our students have gained great educational value from microtutoring, a small fraction, Unfortunately, use Microtutoring with the intention of to find shortcuts—perhaps to pass a quiz or to ghost-write an assignment. Though this is hard to regulate, we recognize this is an issue and are proactively trying to combat this cheating.

First off, we want to make it clear that we strictly prohibit the use of writers-corp for cheating. Our terms of use explain that such misuse of the site, whether by the student or the tutor, is grounds for an account to be terminated. Second, our Honor Code, which every student must agree to, is a pledge to use the site for academic help only, and not for tutors to do work the student can submit as their own.

Ultimately, it is part of our duty as an academic platform to uphold a high bar of academic integrity. No matter how minimal the cheating that occurs on Studypool may be, we will keep an eye on catching academic misuse of our platform.

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